By now, most of you know that SEO can help increase your company's revenue. But how exactly does it do that?

Increased traffic  This is the first and most obvious benefit of SEO. If your website ranks high on Google for certain relevant search terms, you'll start getting more traffic from people looking up those terms in the search engine.

More clicks to your site In addition to just increasing traffic for certain keywords, SEO also helps you increase the number of people clicking through to your site. You see, when a keyword is searched for on Google, not only are there organic results but there are also paid results that appear above the organic results. These paid results get a lot more attention than the organic results since they're at the top of the page. However, when your website appears in both the paid and organic results for a keyword that means you get even more clicks than your competition because you're taking up more real estate on the page.

Branding  Another benefit that many people don't realize is that SEO can help build your brand's reputation. When potential customers see your site appear multiple times on page one of Google, they'll start associating your brand with those keywords. This increases the likelihood that they'll click through to your site instead.

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